Hi there! My name is Jeffrey, and I’d like to talk about a few things. Some things I don’t know much about (politics, economics, civics, education, science, technology, etc.), and some things I do (um, well…. I guess I can Google things halfway decently. Hmm. I’ll have to come back to this later).

Well, there is one thing I know: Individual liberty is the best way to organize (or not to organize, if you will) society to achieve peace, harmony, and prosperity. A government for this society is light in touch: a group of lawmakers, chosen by the people to make laws only when necessary; an executive, charged with leading the populace by fairly enforcing the laws and defending from outside threats; and wise men, to sit in judgement for disputes between fellow citizens.

So join me, as I seek to learn more about what it is that I think is true. Don’t agree with me? Great! Let’s discuss it and try to find the truth. If I’m saying something that I end up being unable to defend, then I need to either learn more or change my way of thinking, and I’d like people to call me out on that.

(I probably need to learn more, though. See: The first paragraph of this page.)